We love great food in a fun atmosphere at a place that doesn't break the bank.
That's the idea we had when we started Rotee. It's the perfect place to hang out with your friends on weekends or a casual dinner with your special someone on a weeknight. Come experience some of the best Pakistani / Indian cuisine on this side of the world...promise!


Our Ambiance

ambianceWe have transformed this Lower Haight landmark into something that would resemble the stylish back lot restaurants at Bollywood / Lollywood studios. (referring to Bombay and Lahore, the movie capitals of India and Pakistan) Don't be surprised if you see Aishwarya or one of the Khan cousins between movie shoots here.






Our Food

ambianceWe prepare all our dishes fresh, right in front of you in our open view kitchen. Watch our tandoori chef work his magic with the tandoor (clay oven) while our curry chef creates a delectable chicken tikka masala for you. We use only the best cuts of halal meat (beef, lamb, chicken) and select only the freshest vegetables and herbs. We make all our chutneys, paneer and seasonings from scratch.