A Sign That Your House Has A Lot Of Mites

A Sign That Your House Has A Lot Of Mites

Usually, there are some problems at home that you just don’t realize. One of them is a mite, a small pest that is even difficult to see and whose whereabouts are unknown. Mites can be anywhere, such as on the sofa, table, cupboard, and even your mattress covers. Even cleaning the mattress is not easy, if the mites have proliferated and are everywhere. Looking for pest control Columbia SC itself there are many, but Cayce Exterminating can help you to exterminate mites in your home even in places that are difficult to reach.

Previously, you should know the signs if your place has mites, including:

1. The appearance of red and itchy bite marks on the skin. In some severe cases, these spots can become pus-filled boils or cause rashes.

2. There is a bite in the visible skin, usually in the arm and shoulder area.

3. The existence of black spots on the mattress, which is dirt from mites.

4. There are speckled or striped shells that may be left by mites.

5. The existence of small white eggs on the sidelines and folds of the mattress. For more clarity, you can use a cellphone flashlight to check.

6. The room smells musty and not bad.

7. Spots of blood on the bedsheet, it could be a mite that is depressed when the body moves on the mattress.

Having mites doesn’t mean your house is dirty, but a clean house may not necessarily be free of mites. Therefore, it is very important to eradicate the mites that are scattered in your house. At Columbia SC, you can ask Cayce Exterminating to help exterminate all the mites in your house. If not, the mites can cause illnesses, such as irritation, itching, pigmentation of the skin, causing blisters, sensitive skin, and even asthma. Contact Cayce Exterminating immediately or get through the website for more information.