Most Promising IT Jobs

Most Promising IT Jobs

Increasingly advanced technology is nothing new. With the rapid development of information technology, there are also more opportunities to work in the IT field. Companies start looking for candidates who can create, design, research, and develop hardware and software to simplify work, increase efficiency and productivity. What areas are there in the IT field? Here are IT jobs with a lucrative salary from

  1. Software Developer

An IT staff software developer whose job is to research, design, implement, and test software and systems. In an era where information technology is experiencing rapid progress like today, a job as a software developer will certainly be needed. Almost all companies today use software systems. This is what makes a software developer able to work in various industries such as the tourism, entertainment, health, media, or retail industries.

The challenge that must be faced by a software developer is a lot of work deadlines. The average global salary received by software developers is around $ 92,660 per year.

  1. Database Administrator

Database administrators are tasked with designing, maintaining, and repairing organizational databases. They are also tasked with making certain arrangements so that data users are easy to access. To do the job, a database administrator should be familiar with a language often known as data manipulation and understand the principles of database design.

Not all IT workers have to deal with computers. A database administrator will have more opportunities to work with multiple people and multiple projects. The challenge facing a database administrator is to keep the database from being damaged. The global salary received by people who work as database administrators is 77,080 dollars per year.

  1. Hardware Engineer

Its job is to configure computer hardware and design the layout of computer devices to increase efficiency. The advantage of pursuing this profession is having the opportunity to work with the latest technologies. This job is monotonous, so hardware engineers might feel bored with their routine. But it will be suitable for those of you who are happy with a definite routine. The global salary that a hardware engineer receives is $ 100,920 per year.

  1. System Analyst

Is an intermediary between the business people and the IT team. A system analyst will define user requirements and develop solutions to increase efficiency and productivity. Unlike a hardware engineer, a system analyst has a flexible workflow. They don’t just work on a routine, they also have to meet a lot of people who are involved with the project. A system analyst will examine the existing system or business model, then analyze the system requirements. Then they will develop the product, implement and test the solution in the system. The global salary that a system analyst earns is $ 79,680 per year.

  1. Network Architect

As the name implies, network architects do network-related things, such as designing, building, and testing communication networks. A network architect is needed in many places because nowadays many institutions add facilities such as wifi in offices. Becoming a network architect is a long journey because most companies are looking for certified candidates. The global salary received is $ 91,000 per year.