Music Can Affect Our Mood Based On The Genre

Music Can Affect Our Mood Based On The Genre

Researchers from McGill University in Montreal, United States, said that listening to music affects our mood because music makes the body produce dopamine. Increased dopamine in the brain that responds to music proves that humans get pleasure after listening to music. There are some genres or types of music that we can listen to and all of them will affect our mood. It depends on what condition or mood you feel right now, but when you listen to all these genres or just a few of them, the mood will be more fitting. Aside from that, if you also love some rap beats for your songs, you can Buy beats online quite easily at a trusted store.

Rap & hip-hop

This type of music can change the mood in several ways depending on the lyrics of the song, the tempo of the music, and the overall message contained in the song itself. Raps often carry messages about anger, arrogance, and violence, but some say rap makes them relax. Maybe avoid ‘gangsta rap’ and choose something that makes the lyrics more sensible and easy to understand, and at the same time better.


This genre of music is suitable for those whose emotions are often explosive. Reggae is a music genre that can be soothing. Some people believe that the rythm of this music genre is good for the heart, especially when listening to it while resting.

Mainstream pop/rock

Listening to music that is mainstream in the market, such as on TV, radio, internet, be it pop or rock can help get enthusiasm when you want to exercise but feel lazy to do it. The calming tempo and easy-to-digest rhythm (including the lyrics) keep your heart rate normal and breathing consistent.

Classical music

This music genre can improve one’s mood as well as soothe it. This type of music is also said to affect the level of the brain’s ability, because of that classical music is often used in schools and also in hospitals. Apart from that, classical songs can also make us sleep better at night.