Offshore Sportfishing in the Gulf of Mexico

Offshore Sportfishing in the Gulf of Mexico

After all the preparations for fishing in the Gulf of Mexico have been completed, you also need to pay attention to fishing techniques. This technique is important to learn so you can know how to fish properly and correctly. You can also charter some of the best boats and crews at right away.

Well, for those of you who don’t know the technique of fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, we will provide the following information:

1. Flying Lining

This fishing technique uses live fish as bait. There are live fish that you can use as bait, like baby barracuda. The live fish will usually be allowed to swim away from the ship until a fish catches them. Usually, the fish that are targeted by this technique are mackerel or barracuda fish (yes, barracuda is cannibal). Don’t forget to use a balloon tied up so that the fish do not swim under the sea.

2. Bottom Fishing

This fishing technique or method is arguably the basic and common technique used by anglers in the Gulf of Mexico. All you need is a basic set of bait attached. Next, when the bait has been thrown into the sea, you just have to wait until the fish grabs the bait. The bottom fishing technique usually uses a fishing rod with a spinning reel or an overhead reel. However, you can also use your bare hands. Tips for fishing with bottom fishing techniques are not to forget to use a ballast, such as tin or iron. However, check out how the currents in these waters in the Gulf of Mexico, whether they are fast or not.

3. Casting

This technique of fishing by casting is usually used by anglers when they want to catch grouper, snapper, and other types of fish in the Gulf of Mexico. Casting techniques make use of artificial bait or lure. This type of bait will usually have a shape similar to animals, such as fish, insects, and others. Then you just have to throw the bait to the desired spot. Also, pay attention to the moment of throwing and when rolling the bait. Must be done many times until the fish you want to catch is hooked.