Simple, Room Divider Ideas That You Can Apply In Apartments

Simple, Room Divider Ideas That You Can Apply In Apartments

One of the classic problems faced by many apartment residents is the limited space problem. Some types of apartments don’t even differentiate between bedrooms and which rooms to relax. Even though some residents are very protective of privacy. They want to have a partition between the bedroom and other spaces. Making room dividers is also not without problems. There are types of apartments that are getting narrower and can be installed with permanent bulkheads. That’s why you need another idea. For example, by choosing one of the following bulkhead ideas from one north eden showflat:

1. Folding Partition, Most Efficient In Use
The bulkhead that is most often used in both homes and apartments is the folding bulkhead. This type of bulkhead is practical because it can be installed and folded as needed. If you don’t need it, just fold it, the room will look more spacious.

2. Fabric that is easy to apply
Curtains from fabrics are very suitable to be used as insulation in studio type apartment units which have a very limited area. Easy to apply and stay closed or opened as needed. Curtains also do not need storage when they are not in use, but they just need to be removed.

In-studio apartments such as in one north eden showflat, curtains can be used to separate the sleeping area from the TV room. It can also be used to separate the TV room and dining room so that you have more privacy while eating food.

3. The arrangement of bamboo or wood that has a natural impression
Other types can be used as a simple partition in an apartment, namely the arrangement of bamboo or wood. Apart from functioning as a room divider, this type also adds to the aesthetics of the room. Your apartment unit will look more attractive and look more natural. Choose the thin size and simple model so as not to appear “heavy” in the apartment.

4. Mirror So That The Room Looks Wide
As we know, mirrors can provide a wider effect when placed in the room. So putting it in an apartment unit that tends to be narrow is the right choice. The mirror can be used as a room divider too. The mirror function can be reversed or on one side only. Place a mirror as a divider between the living room or front room with the private area.

You are not confused anymore, are you decorating and separating the rooms in One North Eden apartment with the various ideas above? Choose the one that best suits your taste and pocket. Good luck!