Speak English Like Native? Read These 4 Strategies

Speak English Like Native? Read These 4 Strategies

Speaking like a native certainly sounds cool. While speaking English is usually also tested in several exams such as b1 test or b1 test. Well, here are some ways so that when you test your speaking style like native and look good with English.

1. Choose one English accent! When you start practising speaking English, you need to focus on one accent first. Choose which, British English or American English?
First practice speaking English, focusing on just one accent.

2. Watch more videos and movies! Learning from films and videos is really useful. Of course without subtitles.
The next stage is hunting videos and movies. Watch movies with pre-selected accents. One of the most important things is not to use subtitles if you don’t use subtitles at all, your listening skills will be honed at once.

Besides movies, you can also watch videos from the Youtube channel. Many vlogs with certain accents can be found on the internet. Stay focused. Millions of videos sometimes make us forget our goals.

3. Practice, Practice and Practice! Read aloud with accents that have been learned. Use the accent as often as possible when practising speaking English.

This is indeed a powerful way to make speaking smoothly in English. There’s no story people are proficient in foreign languages without using it. So, speak English like a native speaker!

Reading a book is the simplest way to practice pronunciation. This method can be applied if you are alone or do not have a chat partner. Do it repeatedly. Check pronunciation by looking at the dictionary or through the internet.

4. Record your voice! See how far you’ve progressed. This trick can also make you more confident you know.

When practising with a certain accent, you must bring a recorder. Voice recording is a very effective way to speak smoothly like native speakers. If likened to a question exercise, you still have written notes: which questions were answered wrong and which questions were answered correctly. Now, to practice speaking English, how do I have notes? The recording can be used as your notes.

With the recording, you can find out progress and analyze progress and then correct mistakes in pronunciation/pronunciation. After recording, listen again and note what things need to be improved. This method indirectly makes you more confident because you are used to hearing your voice. So, getting to know what is best for you.