This Is The Benefits Of Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder

This Is The Benefits Of Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder

As a baby skincare product, you know the benefits of Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder in maintaining the health and softness of your little one’s skin, right? However, not only is it one of the ways to treat sensitive baby skin, but the correct use of baby powder can also maximize the intelligence of your little one by stimulating the development of olfactory nerves in his body from an early age. Olfactory are nerves that are directly related to the sense of smell. Meanwhile, if you want to learn more about Johnson & Johnson’s or other popular baby product brands, you can visit right away.

It is important to know, compared to others, that smell is the first sense in a baby that has developed the most significant since he was born. This is why, even though their sense of sight is not yet functioning perfectly, newborns can already find their sources of breast milk once they are placed on their breasts. This olfactory ability is also the capital for the little one to recognize his mother.

Besides helping your little one get acquainted with the environment, a baby’s sense of smell that is well stimulated is also beneficial for brain development, Mom. Several studies say good stimulation of the sense of smell has a positive impact on the emotional control area in the brain. This is the reason, certain fragrances can make a person relax again. However, because a baby’s sense of smell is still sensitive, it is enough to stimulate it through simple things. For example, applying Johnson & Johnson’s scented baby powder to your little one’s body in the right way.

Choosing a scent for your little one

Like us, babies love pleasant smells and are bothered by bad smells. Not only that, but it is also known that a sharp aroma is not recommended for babies because it can irritate their olfactory nerves. Therefore, for your little one’s daily care, your choice of shampoo, soap, or baby powder should have a gentle aroma such as chamomile, lavender, and other flowers.

Related to this, Johnson & Johnson’s blossoms baby powder can be an option. With a long-lasting fresh floral fragrance, Johnson & Johnson’s blossoms, baby powder will help you keep your little one’s skin cool and fresh throughout the day.