Understanding Car Coatings And Benefits Of Car Coatings

Understanding Car Coatings And Benefits Of Car Coatings

Lately, there is a lot of discussion about the problem of coating which has become a trending topic in several automotive magazines. Then actually what is meant by the term car coating? and what benefits can we get from coating cars? Read more here at Royal1 Mobile Auto Detailing Los Angeles https://royal1mobiledetailing.com/car-detailing-los-angeles/.

A little review about what car coating is, is a special job of auto detailing where it provides a coating layer on the surface of car paint so that with the addition of this coating layer it will make your car always look sleek, look dull, and cool to look at and make it easier for us, of course. car exterior care.

The advantages of coating the surface of our car paint is as follows:

1. Water repellent
By giving this coating layer, the paint and clear finishing on the car will be protected, because this coating layer has a water repellent effect that is better than a car that is not coated. This water repellent is like the surface of young taro leaves, if it is exposed to water or dirt it will not stick easily and will immediately slip. With the presence of this coating layer, the opportunity for water scale and fungus to adhere to the paint surface can be minimized.

2. Scratch resistance is more awake
This one depends on how thick the coating layer that is being coated on your car. The thicker the coating layer is given, the more car resistance, especially paints from scratches, can be minimized. But this does not necessarily make a coated car scratch-resistant, it just minimizes it.

3. Anti UV
In addition to dulling your face, Ultra Violet rays are also not good for the paint surface and can cause car colors to fade and dull if you are frequently exposed to ultraviolet or UV rays. By providing this coating layer, it can protect the car and minimize car fading due to exposure to ultraviolet rays.

4. Durable car luster
Usually, one of the autos detailing products that can give a glossy effect on the paint surface is WAX after the washing process or after the car is polished. This car coating also has advantages like WAX, which can provide a glossy effect on the surface of car paint, but the difference is that if the wax can only last for 1 month, this coating can last at least 3 years for ordinary ones and there are even some products that provide a glossy guarantee forever namely ceramic coating.

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