You Can Arrange Your Grass In The Area Where Your Kids Play

You Can Arrange Your Grass In The Area Where Your Kids Play

Proper soil management is key for any yard. Including pages that experience drought conditions. Healthy soil allows maximum opportunity for the root system to grow and develop. In addition, the composition of the soil will also determine the water holding capacity, as well as the ability to retain and transfer nutrients to plant roots. Sandy soils have fewer nutrients and water holding capacity than clay soils. Therefore, the grass is weaker and the root system is more susceptible to desiccation in drought-stricken sandy soils. So it’s best when you want to plant grass, to make sure the soil in your yard is in good condition. In addition, if you want to keep cars away from your grass, you can set up some barriers to keep cars off grass.

Well, for those of you who have a minimalist home, here are things that must be considered when you want to arrange a lawn so that it can be a children’s playground:

1. Use thick grass

So that the yard can be a place for children to play, you should plant thick grass, one of which is like mini elephant grass. Although thick, the texture of this grass is smooth, so it is safe for children to walk on.

2. Avoid lush plants

It’s best to avoid leafy plants that can form bushes. Lush plants might attract spiders. This can be dangerous for children. In addition, the plants that make up the bush are also not good, because they can become mosquito nests.

3. Do not place plant pots

It’s best to avoid placing potted plants on grass, especially if you decide on the lawn as a place for children to play. Plants planted in pots have weak roots, children can pull them out, in the end, they will play in the ground, and plant pots make the children’s playroom narrow.

Then you can make hanging pots so they cannot be reached by children. Or plant the plant directly on the ground, so that the roots are strong and not easily removed by children.

4. Trim the grass if it lengthens

If the grass starts to grow longer or taller or becomes irregular in size, it is best to trim it right away. The goal is to be comfortable when stepped on or occupied by children.