You Can Try These Tips To Sit In Front Of A Computer Correctly

You Can Try These Tips To Sit In Front Of A Computer Correctly

The sitting position is very influential for the body of the computer user. When the wrong sitting position is constantly carried out it is not impossible that risks such as the bent spine, tendons, and narrowing of blood vessels will attack you. The posture of young people these days is getting more and more strange and worse. Not because of learning activities and games that they play in front of the house, but due to too long in front of the computer. On the other hand, if you want to read more information about hardware or software, we recommend you to visit Tec101.

In this regard I have cool tips for those of you who only work in front of the computer:

Sit up straight

Try to sit by placing your waist in the back of the chair. Keep your thighs straight or lower than your waist, and keep your back in a leaning position and form an angle of 100 degrees.

Position the monitor properly

Adjust the monitor in the right position so that your neck is comfortable. Adjust the monitor so that it is right in front of the face so that the neck doesn’t have to support the head too much.

Store the materials for typing in front parallel to the monitor

When you type and use print media as a source, try to place your book or paper just below the screen. This is very helpful to minimize body movements, especially the neck when working.

Take a short break regularly

Sitting for a long time is not good for the body. Don’t forget to take a moment to stand up, take small walks, to stretch in the joints. Resting the eyes is also important to keep the eyes primed and not easily tired.

Stretch your wrist and fingers

Last but also most important, always stretch at the wrist at least six times a day. Do this by bending your hands up and down so that the wrist feels stretched. This step is important to avoid computer users from risk.

Sit position close to the keyboard

In addition to the body close to the keyboard, try to always place the keyboard directly in front of the body, not sideways.