You Need To Pass Through These Steps To Become A Doctor

You Need To Pass Through These Steps To Become A Doctor

The duration of the Medical Education period is usually taken within 5 – 5.5 years, depending on your ability and discipline while attending lectures. This education is divided into two stages, namely the Academic Education Stage which is carried out for a minimum of 7 semesters and the Professional Education Stage for 4 semesters. Meanwhile, if you are still preparing yourself to take the medical faculty entrance exam, you can take courses at gradready gamsat.

So that you don’t get confused, let’s take a look at the description of the stages that must be passed when taking the following Medical Education:

Academic Education Stage

The Academic Education Stage includes the Basic Medical Education Stage for 2 semesters (semester I and II) and the Clinical Competency Education Stage for 5 semesters (semester III and VII). Simply put, at this stage you will learn all theory and practice related to the medical world.

Professional Education Stage

If a medical degree is already behind your name, then you have to go through the Professional Education stage or become a co-assistant. When you become a co-assistant, you will be in direct contact with patients at the hospital and learn medical skills such as injecting, drawing blood, to being an assistant during surgery. These co-assistants or young doctors will rotate according to the part that has to be studied. Well, usually during the rotation or stage you have to handle several cases such as internal medicine, pediatric disease, and surgery.

Certification Exam

After completing the Professional Education stage, you must take the Medical Professional Program Student Competency Examination which is held by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education and several agencies.


This internship period usually lasts 1 year and still gets guidance from senior doctors. The advantage is that during your internship you already have your working hours like a real doctor, you know. You are also given more freedom and are not as closely monitored as when you were a co-ass first.

Specialist education

After completing the internship period, the status you wear is a general practitioner. If you want to deepen medical science in certain fields such as surgery, children, nerves, heart, and forensics, then you have to take education again as a specialist.