You Need To Try These 5 Tips When You Learn French

You Need To Try These 5 Tips When You Learn French

So many languages in this world with various characteristics and levels of difficulty respectively. English is a world language. Next is French as a second world language, and is one of the United Nations languages. By mastering French I guarantee that your level of confidence will double. Indeed learning the language is not easy to let alone master French with a fairly high level of difficulty but if we have great intentions all obstacles in front of our eyes will surely disappear by themselves. There are a few tips for quickly mastering French. On the other hand, if you have a website or some articles that must be translated from Dutch-to-French, we recommend you to hire the Ervaren vertaler Nederlands Frans.

First tip

Try to get to know 500 French words. Pronunciation is the key. don’t just try to learn from a book and say it yourself. Try to learn these words on a CD, DVD, or podcast.

The second tip

Expand to watch French films, and do it in a structured way. First, watch a movie once just to get the feel. If you are a beginner, everything will sound like a machine gun chatter! Then, watch the movie again – this time with your dictionary, pen, and paper or laptop so you can copy the entire movie while watching it.

After that, keep playing the film ten or a dozen times that tells the story of daily life. Repeat this with a dozen films and I guarantee that you will soon be familiar with hundreds of French expressions and phrases.

Third tip

Get online and get acquainted with French native speakers to practice together. Most people try to learn French by learning to read and write first. This is a big mistake. Imagine trying to teach a baby how to read and write before the baby can talk. It seems so natural!

Fourth tip

Read anything you can read in French. For example newspapers, articles, and magazines. Reading the text in French will help you learn the context of certain words and sentences that are frequently used.

Fifth tip

Immediately packing and take a trip to Paris or Quebec! There is no better way to learn French unless you are fully involved in it.