3 Reasons Not To Use Free Email For Business

3 Reasons Not To Use Free Email For Business

Email as a communication tool today cannot be considered trivial. Almost every message related to business is sent in writing via email clearout. So the position of the email itself is very important, namely one of them is to do a bulk email verifier. However, it is not uncommon for companies to use free email like Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Outlook, etc. Usually, this is found in new companies.

As a business person, this is the thing you want to avoid to happen in your business. There are various reasons and experiences from various types of businesses that experience problems due to the use of free e-mail from their employees. Here are 3 main reasons why you don’t want to use free email:

1. The email follows the initial user

The most important part of a business is the customer database. Customers who have already purchased your product can buy back from you. If this free email is used by your marketing staff and the staff is out, there is a possibility that this email will be brought along. It might even be taken to the next company where they work or even to your competitors.

2. The official email that is being used incorrectly

For various reasons, many companies create email accounts that seem official from the company. Indeed this impressed the company’s official email. But this is also easy for irresponsible parties to take advantage of your business.

3. Weakening the integrity of the company

The email that should be a professional communication medium can become less professional when using free email. Clients who expect a professional impression can assume that you are not serious about doing business. This is indeed trivial, but it can have a big impact later on.

Using and managing corporate email requires good settings to ensure we can send or receive all emails. The mistake of those who don’t know this is that they use unreliable hosting for email (and this is also the reason why businesses end up using free email).

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