5 Mental Illnesses Near Millennials

5 Mental Illnesses Near Millennials

Mental illness is a disease that is not visible and is related to one’s emotions, soul, and mind but can affect the quality of life. Unfortunately in some countries, mental illness has not been considered critical by society. We have to care about people who have symptoms of mental illness because it can change their lives. If that happens to your family, you can try an instant way to cure mental illness with a miracle healing prayer request. Yes, those who are close to God will be heard praying miracle healing prayers.

Research shows that the prevalence of mental-emotional disorders as indicated by symptoms of depression and anxiety is 6% for people aged 15 years and over or around 14 million people.

So, what mental illness can threaten the health of millennials?
1. Anxiety disorder or anxiety disorder
Anxiety disorder is a term or mental condition that most often appears on social media. This disease is quite “popular” because most sufferers are teenagers.

Broadly speaking anxiety disorder is a condition in which a person appears emotion that is characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts, and physical changes such as increased blood pressure.

2. Bipolar or manic depressive
It is a mental disorder that causes mood changes often with a long period of time so that the sufferer cannot control his own emotions.

Called bipolar because this disease has two different emotional poles. In contrast to moody, bipolar disorder has a longer time intensity and more drastic emotional changes.

3. Depression
It is one of the disorders that often appear in the ears of the people before the term other mental illness.
In short, depression is a disorder that makes a person experience feelings of prolonged sadness that cause a lack of motivation and socialization in their daily lives.

4. Schizophrenia
Schizophrenia is a chronic mental illness that causes disruption of the thought process. People with Schizophrenia cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality. That’s why Indonesian people often refer to schizophrenia as “crazy”.
This disease also causes the sufferer to have paranoid and hallucinatory properties.

5. Anorexia Nervosa
This disease is often experienced by women. Because they often force themselves to maintain an excessive diet, which causes drastic weight loss.

The form of anorexia is to maintain a diet that exceeds normal limits, consume diet drugs, and vomit food that has been consumed or bulimia.