There Are Tricks To Open A Jammed Lock On A Door

There Are Tricks To Open A Jammed Lock On A Door

One of the annoying things that can happen at home is finding a lock on a jammed door when going inside. This is very frustrating considering it is very difficult to know when this will happen to you. Furthermore, this thing usually happens when we need to leave our house hastily. However, you don’t have to feel panic, due to this article we will share with you some simple ways to overcome this. Meanwhile, if you need to find a reliable locksmith near your location, we suggest you check out the best locksmith Markham.

Use an Anti-Rust Cleaner or Oil

Usually, a lock on a jammed door is caused by the rust inside the keyhole. Use a cleaning fluid with anti-rust ingredients to clean it. You can also use car oil if you need to leave the house quickly

Here’s how you can try:

Open the hood;
Pull the oil gauge; and
Put oil attached to the stick into the key.

Call a Key Expert

If the anti-rust cleaning liquid doesn’t work, maybe it’s time to call a locksmith.

Use the Key Breaker Tool

Before using this trick, you need to learn how to use it first.

Here’s how to use the key breaker:

Enter and turn the key-breaking device into the key housing;
Point the tool towards the keyhole pin housing;
Do this until the key can be removed.
If you want to make this tool yourself, there is a simple way you can do it.

Prepare aluminum or hard metal clamps and scissors/pliers that will be used as levers. In order to use it, you can practice how to make a key with the cracking tool.

Use a screwdriver and screw

The way to unlock a jammed door using a screwdriver and screw is as follows:

Remove the screw located on the inside of the key on the door handle.
Replace the old key with a new key that has the exact size of the previous key.
Install the new key by inserting the iron bar in the position of the handle hole and installing the screws from the key body.
Put the key handle back by screwing it in the hole position that is already available.