About Me

This Blog Isn’t That Specific About Something

Hey My name is Ardith Heisserer and I am the founder, owner and editor at Roteesf, you may have read the title of my blog, and you probably wonder why this blog doesn’t specifically post things about that specific topic. Well, it might sound like the blog title misleads you here, but the thing is, I just want to have a blog name which is refreshing, and you may find a lot of things in this blog too! Trust me, I have seen so many blogs on the internet with even weirder names, and they still do just fine, and due to a little bit of randomness on this blog, you might don’t know what kind of article that you may read here!

Usually, I love a lot of things about technology. Knowing what the future has in store for us before others can be quite an exciting thing to do. You may be able to talk about technology that your friends might haven’t even heard before, and you can be the center of attention when they talk about gadgets and other things that technological or futuristic! Even gaming articles can also be found on this blog too, so if you are not just into tech but also to games, you can check out my article about Call of Duty 4 Survival tips here.

Furthermore, it won’t just about games, even home maintenance can also be found here. The way to maintain your carpets can be read on this blog, and I might also think of writing some more random articles regarding plumbing and AC maintenance tips. I just want my blog to be useful, refreshing, and also entertaining in one way or another.

If you are not so serious about the title of this blog, and you are not angry because of it, then I recommend you to stay awhile, and find out what kind of articles that you may find only on this blog! If you really enjoy a refreshing way to read random posts while also enriching your knowledge, then be my guest and welcome to this blog of mine!