Do You Know This Info Regarding Baby Circumcision?

Do You Know This Info Regarding Baby Circumcision?

Signs that can be seen if the baby is in pain after being circumcised are crying, not sleeping, and refusing to eat. In the first 24 hours after circumcision, you can give pain relievers in the form of acetaminophen. Pay attention to the dosage and usage instructions recommended by the doctor from the circumcision centre in melbourne.

Then choose a comfortable newborn baby gear. Avoid wearing clothes or pants that are too tight before the circumcision wound dries up. If your baby is still using pampers or diapers, wear a size that is bigger than usual. This is so that pampers or diapers do not press on the penis area so that it can cause pain. This is also intended to keep air and blood circulating to the penis area so that the baby’s circumcision scar heals quickly.

When to see a doctor immediately?

Circumcision can have certain complications or risks. Note if the baby experiences the following after performing circumcision:

– Fever and weakness
– Nausea, vomiting, and dizziness
– Symptoms of the infection in the penis appear (swelling, redness of the skin, appearing red lines on the shaft of the penis, heavy bleeding, or pain that does not go away or subsides after taking the drug)
Can not urinate, pain when urinating, bleeding when urinating, or the urine becomes cloudy and smells strong

If your child experiences the above, contact your doctor immediately.

Should baby girls perform circumcision?

Quoting from the World Health Organization (WHO), circumcising baby girls is seen as an ancient ritual that is commonly practiced in several countries in Africa and the Middle East.

Female circumcision is defined as any form of procedure that involves removing, cutting, or removing part or all of the female external genitalia.

Circumcising baby girls has serious implications for women’s sexual and reproductive health in the future. The problems that can be caused are:

– Anemia
– Cyst formation
– Abscess (pus lump due to the bacterial infection)
– Formation of keloid scar tissue
– Damage to the urethra resulting in prolonged urinary incontinence
– Dyspareunia (painful sexual intercourse)
– Sex dysfunction
– Increased risk of HIV transmission.

In essence, medically, baby girl circumcision does not bring any benefits at all and is not even recommended to be done.