How To Buy Stocks, Complete Guide For Investors

How To Buy Stocks, Complete Guide For Investors

Stocks are one of the most popular investment instruments because of the benefits offered and the ease of online trading. For you, novice investors do not need to be confused, because how to buy shares is quite easy as long as you understand the guidelines or you can use asymmetric investing so it’s not mistaken.

There are several stages to start investing and buying shares. You must understand this guide to be good at investing in the capital market. The following guide and how to buy a complete stock for novice investors.

1. Open a Stock Account
Just like making savings account at a bank, to become a stock investor, you also have to open a stock account in a securities company. For transaction security, choose a trusted securities company.

2. Deposit First Balance
After completing these conditions, you are required to deposit a sum of funds as the first balance in the stock account as investment capital. The amount of this first deposit depends on the policies of each securities company. If you have deposited the first balance, then the stock account is ready to be processed and you have become part of the capital market mover as an investor.

3. Select the Stock Investment Method
The value of a company’s stock is very dynamic. So that the value can change (up and down) every day and requires your attention as an investor. Then it needs to be understood that in stock investing, the investment method is divided into two.

4. Study and Analyze Company Conditions
If you have determined the method of stock investment, you need to learn and analyze the condition of the company. First, know the background and actions of the company in business development. Besides, they also consider external factors that can affect the value of the company’s shares later. Because there are several companies whose share values easily plummet because of domestic political and social issues or so on.

5. Download the Online Trading Application
Furthermore, you who have determined which companies to buy shares must download the online trading application. So, each securities company will have different applications for its customers to use. In the application, there will be a display of all the selling prices and buying prices of shares of various companies incorporated in the capital market. Complete with graphs of price developments and the percentage increase and decrease.

6. Start Buying Shares
After all the guidelines and methods above have been done, you can start buying stocks or selling them. This transaction can be done through a securities company officer that you contact via telephone, or you submit it yourself by visiting the relevant securities company office.