How To Maintain Office Air Quality To Stay Fresh

How To Maintain Office Air Quality To Stay Fresh

The condition and atmosphere of the office are closely related to the work productivity of the employees. Air cleanliness in the workspace must always be considered, to avoid various diseases that can arise due to dirty air, such as headaches, flu, to allergies. Room temperature also needs to be considered. If the temperature is too hot, it will result in a decrease in work concentration northern beaches carpet cleaning. No wonder the office building is usually equipped with air conditioning. However, some things should not be missed to maintain office air quality. If your office uses carpets and is looking for a reliable carpet cleaning service, you can visit Carpet Cleaning Northern Beaches who have a lot of experience in cleaning office carpet. In addition to cleaning and caring for carpets, here are the steps that need to be done routinely so that office air quality is maintained:

1. Clean the AC Routinely and Install the Roof Ventilator
Air conditioners and roof ventilators are very important parts to create a cool and comfortable office environment. As an electronic device that stays indoors, of course, a lot of dirt and dust that sticks to the air conditioner and roof ventilator. This dirt and dust will then again spread throughout the room each time it is lit. Therefore, cleaning air conditioners and roof ventilators must be done routinely, at least once every three months, to keep the air circulation clean. Clean air quality is very influential in the health and performance of employees.

2. Keep the Room Away from Cigarette Smoke and Kitchen Smoke – Important Steps to Maintain Office Air Quality
To keep the main workspace fresh, free from scents and pollution, it’s good to separate it from the pantry or smoking room. Because the aroma of cigarette smoke has the potential to interfere with the comfort and concentration of employee work. In addition to the rules regarding smoking rooms must be applied, the installation of a roof ventilator is also recommended. Roof ventilators will function to remove dirty air from this room out of the building. Thus, the possibility of air pollution in the workspace can be minimized.

3. Maintain Office Air Quality with Plants in the Room
Placing plants in the room can also help maintain air quality. Some types of plants can function to neutralize the air. For example Sansiviera, Yellow Palm, Parisian Lilies and Dutch Betel. The presence of plants in office spaces can at the same time beautify the room and improve employee work concentration.

5. Keep the Floor Clean
Before and after office hours, the entire floor of the room must be cleaned. After being swept or cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, non-carpeted floors should be mopped with a solution of clean water and anti-germic floor cleaning fluid. Mop must also always be kept clean. Be sure to wash thoroughly and dry the mop after every time you mop the floor. This serves to remove germs that stick to the fabric before the fabric is reused. While cleaning the room, do not forget to always open all the doors and windows, so that the air in the room is replaced with new air from outside the room.

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