How To Overcome Aquaplaning

How To Overcome Aquaplaning

Car drivers may already be familiar with the terms aquaplaning or hydroplaning. It is a condition where the car tires cannot accelerate properly when on wet or slippery roads. There are many reasons why aquaplaning can occur and the most common is a car tire that has not been replaced for a long time. The existence of a mobile tyre fitting london to provide comfort and safety for car tires, so you can avoid aquaplaning.

The first cause of this condition can occur when you drive the vehicle at a high speed. The only way to overcome this is to reduce the speed a little when crossing wet roads. Usually the speed you can control when you are on a wet road surface, which is between 40 to 60 km / h.

Before traveling, it’s also a good idea to always check your car’s tire pressure. Make sure that the air pressure in the car tires is not less or more, to provide comfort when driving.

If when checking your vehicle you feel that the tires are worn or are not suitable for use, then you can replace them with new car tires. Also, make sure that your vehicle’s tires can break up puddles to the maximum to avoid slipping or other incidents.

While driving on wet or slippery roads, you can also follow the path of the vehicle in front. Vehicles that leave the trail can reduce the amount of water you pass. Even so, you also have to keep a safe distance from each vehicle to anticipate if the vehicle in front stops suddenly.

But how to overcome if you are stuck in a hydroplaning condition? When you are in a condition like this, try not to suddenly hit the brakes.
Doing so can cause your vehicle to lock and slip easily. In addition, try to reduce the pressure on the gas pedal so that the vehicle slows down.

Driving a four-wheeled vehicle, not just riding it. You are also expected to be prepared when you are in an undesirable condition. One of them is when the road is wet and slippery, so it requires you to be more vigilant.