Important Healthy Sperm Criteria Known

Important Healthy Sperm Criteria Known

It is this semen that functions as a sperm vehicle towards the female reproductive tract. The semen that is released when a man ejaculates is a white or gray liquid, with a normal amount of about 2 milliliters (ml). You can try Male Extra on our website right now.

In addition to sperm, semen contains mucus produced by the male reproductive glands. When the mucus is produced quite a lot, then the consistency of sperm can become thinner. Healthy sperm is an important factor in determining male fertility. There are three criteria that can determine the quality of healthy sperm, namely:

Total number
Every 1 ml of semen released by a man contains about 15 million sperm. Too little sperm count can be difficult to cause pregnancy.

Ability to move
At least 40 percent of the sperm in the semen is able to move and about 25 percent of the sperm count must have a fast forward movement. Because, to reach the egg, sperm must move swiftly and swim through several parts of the female reproductive organs.

Sperm shape
At least 30 percent of the total number of sperm must be normal. Normal sperm is characterized by an oval head and a long tail to support forward movement.

Various medical conditions in men can cause fertility disorders, including disorders of healthy sperm. For example disruption of sperm transport, diseases of the testicles, and problems in the pituitary gland (pituitary) in the brain that affect testosterone and sperm production. Based on a study, sperm abnormalities can also be triggered by health problems. Unhealthy sperm is associated with several medical conditions, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and diseases of the skin and glands.

In addition to medical conditions, the age factor also needs attention. According to studies, men under the age of 35 are more fertile than men over that age. As we get older, the quality and number of healthy sperm with the ability to move quickly tends to decrease.