It Turns Out That Caring For A Luxury Car Is Easy

It Turns Out That Caring For A Luxury Car Is Easy

Having a luxury car is everyone’s dream. There are two typical owners and users of this luxury car. The first is indeed using the car, and the second is that only uses it occasionally, like every weekend. It is also not enough for people to rent them like a Luxury car hire uk. Besides the price, the treatment is also different. But is it true that luxury car care is claimed and imagined by many people who will incur huge costs? There is the truth.

But, all of that can be overcome during the proper maintenance of luxury cars. Following the saying prevention is better than cure, here are tips for luxury car care.

– Oil change routine
Oil changes should not be underestimated. When the time comes, the replacement is delayed. The quality of oil will continue to decline over time. Car engines will be affected so that it becomes damaged.

Also, check and replace oil filters. Dirt that settles on the oil filter over time will accumulate if not replaced. As a result, oil to lubricate the engine is not well circulated.

– Preheat the engine
Heats the engine of a luxury car not too long, just five minutes. If it takes too long it can be a waste of fuel for nothing. Moreover, luxury car engines have high compression and sophisticated. If not routinely used, try to drive the car forward or backwards a little so that oil and tire turnover occurs.

– Fuel is suitable
Fuel oil or gasoline for luxury cars usually use a research octane number (RON) or high octane.

If the RON is not suitable, it could damage the engine due to incomplete combustion. The power generated by the engine is not optimal.

Using low octane that is not following the recommendations of the car manufacturer, has the potential to reduce the ability to accelerate, make engine tickling, cause the rest of the combustion results to accumulate, and even make fuel consumption more wasteful.

– Tires and wind pressure
Tires that lack of wind, in addition to the potential to slip, tires can also break so that it will be a high risk for motorists. While tires that have excess wind will be safer because it only has the potential to lose grip when driving.

Surface tires that continue to stick to the floor can cause flat spots. Flat spots are uneven tire surfaces and tend to be flat because they continue to be the fulcrum of carloads.

– Battery voltage
Stable or not the supply voltage to the ECU and the sensor when the car is started depends on the condition of the car battery. If the supply voltage is obstructed, the performance of the engine and ECU can be interrupted, and can even spin abnormally when the car is started.

If rarely used, it is better if the luxury car is placed in a place that is not exposed to sunlight and rain to always protect the sheen of the paint. Also, pay attention to insects and rodents, don’t let your luxury car become their nest.