Some iPhone Problems and How to Fix Them

Some iPhone Problems and How to Fix Them

A smartphone in which there is an operating system certainly remains when there is a problem, especially for singapore iPhone users. The following are some of the most common iPhone problems and how to overcome them.

1. My iPhone Won’t Die

If your iPhone refuses to turn off, there is no way to pull the battery off like other smartphones except opening the back case with a screwdriver. You might be able to force it to turn off with a simple restart, by pressing and holding the Sleep / Wake button (the slim, square button on the top right side of the phone). Hold it until there is a sentence ‘slide to power off’. After the phone is turned off, you can press the Sleep / Wake button again to turn it back on. If a simple restart does not work, try resetting, which is roughly the same as rebooting your PC. To reset the iPhone, press and hold both the Home button (the round button on the iPhone’s face) and the Sleep / Wake button at the same time, continuing to hold it even though ‘slide to power off. After it disappears, continue holding both buttons until you see the Apple Silver icon. After restarting, your iPhone can be turned off normally.

2. My iPhone Doesn’t Want to Live

If your iPhone refuses to turn on, the first step is to be charged, or connected to a charger. Then, wait a few moments, and try to turn it on again. If the cellphone screen will display a picture of the battery, you will know that charging is running. Note that if your iPhone is very low-power, the screen might take a few minutes to appear. If the red part of the battery image flashes three times and then a black screen appears, your iPhone is not charging. If your iPhone still won’t turn on, there is a problem with the battery, then read it later.