The Harp

The Harp

Being a harpist is not easy, it takes a lot of patience and a very strong determination. Harp itself is a modern musical instrument that is played by plucking on the strings stretched across his body.

Harp has a variety of shapes, some are small and can be on the lap, there are also large and placed on the floor. Harp is also one of the musical instruments that are quite popular because of its soft voice to the ear. Harp instruments are picked using fingers like a guitar, with or without aids. Harp instruments are often described as being played by an angel or mermaid.

Harp is usually made of metal and given a shiny golden colour, the harp has a lot of strings. Some players use a pick that is shaped like a long nail on their finger to play it.

Although the harp has many variations, there are still only 3 main parts in the harp, namely the soundboard, neck, and strings. For a small harp, it can usually be played on a lap, but if it is large it is usually placed on the floor.

In fact, the harp is also one of the many old instruments that exist to date, this can be seen in some ancient Greek images. Harp can be played both solo and as part of a musical performance, such as an orchestra. Usually, the harp is displayed as a solo instrument and highlighted by lights. This indicates that the game is special.

Modern harp, usually has a triangular shape. Even from these variations can reach a height of 60 to 180 cm with strings of 22 to 37 pieces. In the modern era like now, to facilitate us in learning how to play the harp, it might be possible to look at video tutorials on the internet.