There Are 3 Advantages For Condotel Owners

There Are 3 Advantages For Condotel Owners

By investing, the money earned is not only parked in the account but revolves with a promising percentage increase in profit. Today, people are faced with various types of investments. For example, banking or capital market deposits, such as stocks, mutual funds or securities, and also conventional investment models that are clearly never empty of enthusiasts, including property and gold. Of the many property-based investment schemes, the condotel is one that is not too popular in many countries. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a great condo in Singapore, we recommend you check out Parc Canberra EC.

Condotel: Property-Based Investment with Profit Above Deposit Interest

Broadly speaking, condotel stands for condominium hotel. This is a building with a residential concept similar to an apartment, but it’s operated as a hotel.

For a condotel like the Parc Canberra EC, facilities are very complete like a five-star hotel with additional room service available every day. Condotel is not the same as an apartment, each unit is managed and operated by the owner himself, also maintenance and various housekeeping activities carried out independently.

Parc Canberra condominium unit that has been turned into condotel actually operates with management resources like a hotel. This is why, when buying a condotel unit, we will be called an investor and not an owner. It’s because later it is intended for business, not merely residential. Then, what are our advantages as condotel unit owners?

There are at least three things. First, because it is operated as a hotel, an owner will get a reward. The amount ranges from 8-12 percent per year. Of course, this figure is more interesting than the deposit interest in the range of a maximum of 7 percent per year.

Second, the increase in the price of condotel units is quite significant, which is around 20 percent because it is not merely residential. This is certainly different from other properties, residential houses for example, which fluctuate between 10-15 percent per year.

Third, the condotel is more leisure, by having a condotel unit, investors can get a free stay, ranging between 18-30 days, it’s depending on the developer’s policy.