There Are 5 Tricks For Catfish Fishing

There Are 5 Tricks For Catfish Fishing

Catfish that exist in fishing ponds that are commonly used as a result of pond cultivation. / Empang aka not from nature, because they have been fed since early childhood in the morning, afternoon, evening and night so that catfish do not behave nocturnally (looking for food at night day) and they will find food when they feel hungry. Additionally, if you want a better way to watch catfish, you can continue to read this article, and you can also find out more about some of the best catfish reels.

Here are 5 tricks of fishing catfish in a pond so that they are quickly struck by them, namely:

1. Bait used

For fishing, good catfish baits include:

Pieces of fish meat and eel (can be steamed, baked or fried).
Poultry and beef cuts (can be steamed, fried or grilled).
Ant eggs.

Catfish pellets that have been prepared and sold in bait shops are mixed with ground beef or mixed with steamed chicken.

2. Fishing line and fishing line

Use hooks of 8-10 size according to your taste and hook 2-3 hooks, strong fishing line to attract 3kg of fish and try not to be light-colored. Use a buoy that is rather high so it is easier to see whether your fishing rod has been eaten or not by fish.

3. Fishing spot

Look for a spot that you think the digging of the deep pond fishing ground is quite deep even though when it is put in the pond the catfish will immediately circle the fishing but it is probable that the fish will first approach the deeper pool of the excavated soil.

4. Changing appetite

When fishing brings more than 2 kinds of the bait as mentioned previously because the appetite for catfish can quickly change in eating.

5. The fishing thread that is often hit

Catfish that change their appetite when it is near the bait usually he will only pass through the bait and sometimes touch your fishing line so that your float might sway.