There Are Some Life Habits

There Are Some Life Habits

Warren Buffett is the most successful investor in the universe. He managed to become the richest person in the world through stock investment. Although very rich, but Warren Buffett has some habits that are very down to earth and need to be emulated. One of them is reading, so it’s good if you start reading stock news more often. All these simple life habits are the key to Buffett’s success in carrying out his investment. What are Warren Buffett’s life habits that we need to emulate?

These are some life habits that you can copy from Warren Buffet:


Buffett doesn’t do too many different things. He went to the same restaurant near his home in Omaha, Nebraska. He also liked the same steak restaurant when he came to New York. No matter the condition of the stock market like anything in the morning he ate the same breakfast. Not as strange as other billionaires, he prefers to live in his house. Maybe that’s what makes him have a conservative, consistent and disciplined attitude. This attitude is very instrumental in its success in investing. When buying a company, it is not a lot of freaks, its investment strategy is always the same, it tends to buy companies with strong fundamentals and consistent discipline to hold a principle for a long time.

He likes to read

Warren Buffett loves to read. He can spend 5 to 6 hours reading when he has some free time. He says that he doesn’t want to feel unproductive during his free time, and at the same time, he enjoys to think about entrepreneurship or investment issues.

Simple life and save money

He lives without excessive luxury and he saves money a lot. It’s not to the point of being a cheap person, but he manages to live a simple life and economic life splendidly.

He lived a simple and frugal life, living in the same house in Omaha, Nebraska, which he bought in 1958 for $ 31,500. He is famous for having simple tastes, including McDonald’s hamburgers and cherry Coke, and is not too fond of technology, including computers and luxury cars.