There Are Some Types Of Scaffoldings That Are Commonly Used In Construction Works

There Are Some Types Of Scaffoldings That Are Commonly Used In Construction Works

Knowing the intended use of the scaffold helps you in determining the right type of scaffold. Once the scaffold type has been determined, it must be installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and applicable regulations. Aside from that, if you want to find a trustworthy scaffolding provider, we recommend you call the best Scaffold tower hire company in your area heras fencing mesh.

Here are some types of common scaffoldings that are most widely used in helping construction work:

1. Supported Scaffolding

A platform that is arranged from the ground up using poles as support and provides a solid working floor for workers to do their work. Usually, this scaffolding is in the form of a frame (frame). To use this type of scaffolding, a strong foundation is needed as the main foothold.

2. Suspended Scaffolding

This platform consists of a safety anchor, a strong hanging rope or cable, and a hanging cage with a plank floor equipped with a safety fence, and has no support from below. Suspended scaffolding which is actuated by the machine must use steel cable.

This scaffold is often used when it is not possible to build scaffolding on the ground or in a situation where building scaffolding from the ground up is not practical. Suspended scaffolding is usually used by window cleaners in tall buildings or repair workers on the outside of tall buildings.

3. Aerial Lifts

This type of scaffolding is often used where workers have to access several levels for construction work. Aerial lifts make work easier and safer to lift workers, materials, and work equipment to the required height. Aerial lifts are usually used for building maintenance, installing street lights, cleaning windows and painting the walls of tall buildings, and other construction work.

4. Mobile Scaffolding

Mobile scaffolding is a platform that is suitable for mobile work and can only be used on flat and flat surfaces. The poles are mounted on wheels with locks. Wheel parts are usually equipped with a rubber coating or the like for easy movement.

5. Ladder Scaffolding

A ladder scaffolding is a scaffold that uses a ladder as a support pole for its equipment. Should only be used for light work.