These Are Foods You Must Try When You Visit Mexico

These Are Foods You Must Try When You Visit Mexico

Not only famous for its unique culture, but Mexico also has a large variety of foods that characterize this Sombrero country. The unique shape and taste will definitely tempt you to try all the culinary delights in Mexico. Meanwhile, if you want to enjoy gourmet nachos without visiting Mexico, perhaps you need to check out the best mexican food restaurant near your area.

Let’s look at the Culinary List in Mexico that must be tried the following:


Tacos or tacos are the most famous Mexican cuisine in the world today. This food usually consists of tortilla bread and its contents are beef, pork or chicken, tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese. And these foods are often eaten with complimentary salsa sauce or guacamole sauce.


Have you often eaten kebabs typical of Turkey? now this burritos at a glance are similar to kebab. The difference is if the burrito only contains meat and bean paste and then rolled it with tortilla bread.


This food processing method is similar to tachos, which uses corn chips. For a supplement, you can add just cheese sauce or use other ingredients such as ground beef, cheese sauce, pickled jalapeno, and sliced olives. Anyway, this is the best snack!


This food is a way to process it by cooking meat using a method on the grill and served on a hot pan. Meat that is usually used for this dish is beef, chicken, or can also be with seafood. The taste, guaranteed delicious!


This traditional Mexican culinary is made from basic ingredients of corn flour which contains chicken, pork, vegetables, cheese and then wrapped in a corn husk or banana leaf.


Enchiladas are the main food in Mexico. These delicious ingredients consist of tortillas filled with meat, cheese, potatoes, vegetables or seafood. But it can be filled with anything anyway, after that, it is rolled and given chili sauce that is poured on it or mixed into it.


Quesadilla is a typical Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine that contains cheese sauce or sometimes also mozzarella cheese, chicken and lettuce in corn tortillas or flour tortillas. The word quesadilla is originally from Spanish, which has a literal meaning that is ‘a small object containing cheese’.