These Are Three SEO Mistakes We Still Meet Often

These Are Three SEO Mistakes We Still Meet Often

Everyone, especially those who have a website will certainly need an SEO that can make their website on the first page of search engines. For that, they usually will need SEO Singapore services to be able to help them do SEO techniques correctly and maximally. The right and correct SEO techniques will make their website on the first page of the search engine.

However, it turns out there are some mistakes that are often done by many people when using these SEO techniques. Some of the errors that are often found are

1. Slow loading
Not only users who hate websites are slow to open, but so is Google. If you feel that your website has been opened for a long time, then immediately take care of it, because if so, your SEO score will fall from your other competitors. You have to use the best hosting to make your website fast in loading the page.

2. URL length
Ensuring the URL length on each page is no more than 74 characters is something that must be done on SEO. Especially if you use a CMS like Open Cart, which besides Google Friendly, also has a URL that is too long. And the length of the URL in question is including HTTP characters, points, connecting lines, and other characters.

3. Codes from other websites
This is a warning to websites that have lots of widgets or components from other websites. For example, Facebook Like widget, Google Adsense, Share This plugin, and various codes from other websites. The existence of this code can indeed beautify your website, but also can extend the load of your website, and according to what is explained in point no 1, Google prefers websites that have fast load times. So only use third-party website code that is really needed.