This Is How To Remove Fungus From Your Roof

This Is How To Remove Fungus From Your Roof

It’s because the roof is often exposed to direct sunlight and rainwater, it’s making the roof of the house become easily damaged. One of them is also susceptible to fungus. Meanwhile, you can visit if you need to hire experts roof cleaners near your area.

So as not to damage the roof and disturb the beauty of the house, here’s how to clean the fungus on the roof of the house that can be done in an easy and pra


You can clean the moss that sticks to the roof of the house in the easiest way, by rubbing the moss using a brush. By rubbing the moss downward, the moss will be lifted and the tile of the house will be clean again. To reach the far side, you can tie the brush with wood, lightweight iron or a stick so that it can extend. But don’t forget to make sure the brush direction is rubbed in the same direction from top to bottom. This is to avoid the tile roof being shifted due to brush movements.

Power Washing

Power washing or pressure washing is a method of washing using water spray that has a certain pressure to clean moss, mold, mud, paint, dust and other impurities on the surface of the house. In addition to cleaning the fungus on the roof by scrubbing, you can also clean the fungus using the power washing or pressure washing method with a strength of between 1200 and 2000 psi (pounds per square inch) which is directed downward until the fungus and moss peel off. On the part of the fungus that is difficult to clean, in addition to using power washing, you can also brush the part to make it easier to clean the fungus.

Use a roof cleaner

If just using a brush is difficult enough to remove the fungus, you can clean the fungus by using a liquid roof cleaning spray made from hydrogen peroxide mixed with warm water. This liquid can be used to make it easier when going to brush the roof to clean the fungus that sticks so that the roof of the house becomes more clean and beautiful.