Why Music These Days Are Less Artistic Than A Few Decades Ago

Why Music These Days Are Less Artistic Than A Few Decades Ago

Music is one of the most important parts of the entertainment industry. Without music, the entertainment industry might feel like a toast without a jam, which still makes you full, but it’s quite tasteless. That’s why so many people tend to talk about music when they meet a new friend or a new dating partner for the first time. However, music these days are not as artistic as it’ used to be a few decades ago. Although not all of them are bad, due to some musicians still capable of expressing their music beautifully. most of the music videos that we can watch on the internet these days are bad and shameless.

Here are the reasons why music is less artistic compared to a few decades ago:

Some music companies prioritize views and share instead of the art quality

In the era of the internet today, people and companies can make a lot of money by getting a lot of attention on the internet. One of the fastest ways to get famous on the internet is by making a viral and sensational music video. However, for the sake of views and share, most music companies these days drive their artists to do shocking things even though they might look rude and the things they do are not musical at all. As long as they can be famous and get money, they don’t care whether their music is good or bad.

They rely on sex appeal more than musical attraction

You can watch a lot of music videos on the internet that show a lot of sex appeal. Although most of them won’t show you what you can call “pornography”, they sure are bold enough to show men and women with almost no proper clothing in their music videos, as long as they can be viral and get a lot of views, shares, and money at the same time.

Unfortunately, lyrics that shame some group of people tend to sell well, so listening music these days can be less pleasant compared to back in the 80s and 90s, where music are more inspirational and cheerful.