Why Should You Install A Sophisticated Electric Gate?

Why Should You Install A Sophisticated Electric Gate?

Living in urban areas is not only prestigious, it facilitates access and mobility. But it also has its challenges, namely the high crime rate. So we need double security for our homes. Maybe you already know that CCTV is a tool to monitor home security, but what about other security tools? There are still various other security features that can improve your house by installing sophisticated sliding electric gates with multiple security features.

You might get security features such as:

Glass Break Alarm (for electric gates with some glass parts)

This tool that functions to prevent the entry of thieves into the house can be mounted on the glass part of the gate. This alarm will sound if there is a vibration around the glass part of the gate.

Gate Sensor

​The tool installed on this gate will detect if there is an attempt to force the gate to open the house. Once the device is activated, an alarm will sound if there is such a forced attempt.

Flood Detector (Liquid Detector)

This tool is very useful in the rainy season. He will help tell you if there is a water leak in the house including detecting if there is a flood that enters the house.

Earthquake Detector (Earthquake Detector)

This tool can detect the occurrence of an earthquake and provide a warning alarm in the event of an earthquake. Gas Detector This device gives an alarm sound as a warning and sends an SMS to the homeowner in the event of a gas leak.

Double your home security system! We recommend automatic gates for stage 1 security systems. This automatic gate cannot be opened by force by any means, regardless of the number of people. The automatic gate is only controlled by a remote and a button from inside the house, so there is no way for outsiders to enter.

Then use the Gate Lock System as a stage 2 security. This technology is used for the entrance to your home, in addition to its elegant design and easy use for you. With a safe and robust design, it protects your family from unauthorized access. Another advantage of this Gate Lock System is that it cannot be hacked and uprooted in any way.