You May Do These Makeup Tips To Look Flawless For Your ID Card’s Photo

You May Do These Makeup Tips To Look Flawless For Your ID Card’s Photo

Do you feel that photos on your ID card, driver’s license, and passport are always unsatisfactory? This usually happens because the lighting is not good or the person taking the photo does not really understand the good photo technique. Sometimes we also look messy in the photo because we have waited too long. However, you don’t have to be worried, due to there are some makeup tricks that you can try to appear flawless in the ID card’s photo. Furthermore, these tips can also be useful when you want to make a scannable fake id so you can enter a night club even if you’re younger than 21 years old.

Here are the tricks for you:

Don’t Use Too Much Sunscreen

Sunscreen is important and should not be missed. However, if you use too much sunscreen, white or white cast will appear on the camera. So often your face looks too pale and gray like a ghost in an ID card’s photo. Just apply a little sunscreen to your face.

Use concealer for the bottom of the eye

As a result of poor lighting, the face usually looks darker than the original, especially in the circles under the eyes. If you have dark circles under your eyes, don’t forget to use concealer in that section.

Use a foundation with matte results

For a non-sweaty and oily face, make sure you wear a foundation with matte results. For photos of ID cards or other ID cards, save your dewy foundation first. To make sure your makeup results are more flawless, spray matte setting spray once it’s done dressing.

Use your blush

So that your face doesn’t look pale in photos, use blush on your cheek. Blush will give the impression of a glowy and bright face.

Choose a lipstick with a creamy color

Matte lipstick tends to make the lips become very dry and cause lines on the lips. So when you take an ID card’s photo, it’s better to apply a lipstick with a creamy texture or tinted lip balm. That way, the lips will still look beautiful and healthy on the camera.