Young Artists Must Learn These Terms In Theatrical Plays

Young Artists Must Learn These Terms In Theatrical Plays

Etymologically, the word theater comes from Greek, namely theatron which means a place or a performance hall. However, along with the development of today’s theater we can understand the arts in 3 ways, namely; 1) theater as a place of performance, 2) theater as a form of performance, and 3) theater as a performing arts group. Meanwhile, if you have a plan to hold a theatrical show for kids, we suggest you check out some of the best scripts of plays for kids.

These three meanings can be used depending on the suitability of the context. For example, if there is a text that says “arena theater”, then it is a venue or arena. Then the “theater coma” or “early theater” is the name of a group or performing arts group. In its development, the word theater is interpreted as a form of performance, everything that is displayed in front of the crowd. Thus, in a simple formula, the theater is a form of performance art. The theater is a performance art that is played on stage and witnessed by the audience.

After the theater, we also have to understand drama. The word drama, etymologically, comes from ancient Greek drama, which means to act, act, act, react. Thus, drama means action or action. According to some experts, the drama is a story of human conflict in the form of dialogue, which is projected on stage using conversation and action in front of an audience.

Thus, if the word theater refers to a place where actors act and the word drama is interpreted as a play performed by the actors on the stage or more can be expressed by playing drama.

On the other hand, we must also understand the term tonil. The term tonil comes from the Dutch word, het toneel, which has a meaning in the form of theater in which people play and play roles that are displayed or exhibited in public. And now people hear the word theater, drama, or farce more often than tonil itself. Although the terms theater, drama, and drama have similar meanings and meanings, experts assume that theater is performance art, while drama is a play, story or story that involves conflict or emotions specifically arranged for a theater performance.